Wind in the Willows

Beautifully performed with song, dance, acting, animal movement, storytelling, costume, fabulous backdrops, audience participation and lots of fun, Mark Wastell vividly brings to life the daring  adventures of Mr Toad!

Who can stop Toad?? Why no-one of course! Apart from the police…

Join Badger, Ratty Mole, Toad and friends for our enchanting and hilarious riverside romp! Children love our show.

All our costumes and backdrops are handmade and the songs and music are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique.

The Story

When shy little Mole abandons his Spring cleaning and ventures out of the safety of his burrow he discovers the wide world.

There is the enchantment of boating on the river with the Water Rat.

There is the romance of traveling the countryside in a gypsy caravan.

And there is the terror of Mr Toad and his dangerous appetite for speed and motorcars!

Set in the byways, villages and backwaters of rural England this timeless and beautiful story has a magical appeal to all.