Treasure Island

Beautifully performed by two versatile actors with song, dance, Period costume, wonderful pirates, fabulous backdrops, comedy and lots of fun, the classic story of young Jim Hawkins, the boy who goes to sea in search of buried treasure, is told afresh!

You can trust our band of gold greedy pirates to be so crookedly cunning they’d frighten the barnacles off your ship’s bottom. Children love to see that charming, one-legged rogue, Long John Silver get up to his worst tricks and run rings round gullible Admiral Trelawney.

With great songs, plenty of audience participation and the high quality acting you can expect from Flying Pizza, children simply love our show.

Why not join Jim and friends for our thrilling voyage of adventure to Treasure Island – and back!

All our costumes and masks are handmade and the songs and music are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique.

The Story

Jim is a poor innkeeper’s son and when he discovers an old map marking the exact spot of Captain Flint’s secretly buried hoard he can’t believe his luck.

Soon, he and his friends are sailing towards Treasure Island confident of claiming the pirate’s treasure. But not all the crew are the friendly old sea-dogs they pretend to be. Some of Flint’s men, including their wooden legged leader, Long John Silver, have got on board and plan to steal the treasure for themselves.

In the roller-coaster adventure that follows, the boy Jim’s courage and quick wits help to save his friends.

Can Jim hide the treasure map? Will the pirates get away with the loot? Will the strange Wild Man of the island help? And who keeps drinking all the rum?