The Musicians of Bremen

Using storytelling, acting, animal costume, music, song, dance and audience participation, Mark Wastell vividly brings to life the enchanting tale of The Musicians of Bremen.

Children love this warm and humorous traditional folk tale with its wonderful cast of animal characters and delightful rustic story in which a donkey, dog, cat and cockerel pit their wits against the humans and come out on top!  The audience helps in the story’s telling and has a special role to play.

Great for book weeks, learning topics, as an end of term treat or to brighten up the menu in a long school term.

All the animal costume elements are handmade by the company and the songs and sound effects are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique. Every audience brings along something new!

The Story

A donkey who’s strength has gone, an asthmatic hunting dog, a toothless cat who can’t catch mice and a noisy cockerel discover they are no longer wanted by their callous human masters.  They are surplus to requirements – or worse still, for the chop.  The four animals decide to run away to Bremen Town where they hope to make a living as street musicians.

But on their journey they need shelter.  By chance, the house they intend to “doss down” in is already occupied by a greedy band of robbers.

Can our four heroes defeat the robbers? Will they ever come up with a plan? Can their musical talents win the day?

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