The Jungle Book

Beautifully performed by our two talented actors, with dance, jungle songs, animal costume, fabulous backdrops, a ten foot snake puppet, audience participation and lots of fun, the story of Mowgli the boy brought up by jungle animals springs vividly into life!

There is Baloo the simply huggable brown bear, King Louis the ape with big ideas, Kaa a snake you can’t keep your eyes off and Shere Khan the tiger it’s best to keep an eye on.

Children love our show with its amazing cast of animal characters, catchy jungle songs, audience participation and the high quality acting you can expect from Flying Pizza.

All our costumes and masks are handmade and the songs and music are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique.

The Story

When the toddler crawls unafraid into Mother Wolf’s den and snuggles down with her cubs she decides to protect him and bring him up as one of her own. She sends the hunting tiger packing.

So, begins the extraordinary life of Mowgli, with wolves for brothers, the animals of the Jungle for friends and Baloo the wise, old bear, his teacher.

Baloo teaches Mowgli all he needs to know: the sacred Laws of the Jungle, how to climb trees, swim rivers, stay out of trouble and avoid the meddlesome monkey folk.

Life in the Jungle is sweet! But ever present in the undergrowth is the lurking presence of Shere Khan the Man-hating tiger.

Can Mowgli come up with a plan to defeat him? Will he ever remember any of Baloo’s lessons? Or will he just keep monkeying around?

Swing on down and join us for our magical jungle adventure!