Robin Hood

Beautifully performed by our two talented actors with audience participation, song, dance, comedy, fabulous backdrops and loads of fun, the famous exploits of Robin Hood and his Merry Men fighting the evil Sheriff of Nottingham are vividly brought to life.

With colourful characters, a roller coaster plot and the high quality acting you can expect from Flying Pizza, children simply love our show. In this production the audience will play an active part!

All our costumes and backdrops are handmade and the songs and music are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique.

The Story

The famous bowman of Sherwood and his Merry Men are up to their old tricks again running rings around the Sheriff and his cloth-eared marshall, Guy of Gisborne.

The Sheriff’s favourite occupation is squeezing money from the poor. This year, he needs more of it than ever. He’s marrying the lovely Marion. But the money keeps disappearing. Who is stealing it? The thief must be caught.

Come and join Robin, Friar Tuck, Little John, Marion and Merry Men for our swashbuckling and hilarious adventure romping through the green glades of Sherwood and tiptoeing down the dark dungeons of Castle Nottingham!