Lucky the Polar Bear

A magical story about our warming world.

“Lucky the Polar Bear sounds a most valuable project and I wish Flying Pizza Theatre every success with it.”

– Sir David Attenborough OM CH FRS.

Beautifully performed by our two talented actors using animal costumes, masks, song, dance, fabulous backdrops, audience participation and lots of fun, this wonderful original tale of Lucky the Polar Bear is vividly brought to life.


Lucky the Polar Bear Book

Our magical and meaningful show about climate change will reach children’s hearts as well as their minds.

The show is ideal for introducing children to the difficult topic of climate change in a fun and meaningful way. Perfect for Book Weeks, Activity Weeks, After School Clubs and to support environmental learning topics, or as a springboard for projects promoting caring for our world.

All our costumes, masks and backdrops are handmade by the company and the songs and music are specially written for this show.

The Story

Lucky the Polar Bear is hungry. This is because the ice is late and without ice he can’t catch any nice fat seals!

As he waits in vain for the ice to freeze a ghostly Inuit appears and tells him humans are warming the world.

The two of them embark on a magical journey to the Big City to persuade its people to mend their ways.

Will Petrol Head Dave ever enjoy riding a bicycle? Will Guzzler & Grime’s rubber company stop making black smoke? Will the rock legend, Oggie Oddbone, turn down his heated swimming pool?

Will anyone help? A child, even?

Learning Objectives

In our educational and entertaining production the bears explain the issue of climate change and show us that there are things that we can all do to help.

The story of Lucky the Polar Bear

–       fosters a spirit of caring for our environment
–       encourages responsible use of resources
–       shows children how to save energy in their own bedrooms

Teaching Materials provided:

–       a leaflet for children on energy saving
–       an after show talk with the actors (optional)
–       our illustrated book Lucky the Polar Bear is available to accompany the show