Alice in Wonderland

Beautifully performed with acting, puppetry, animal costume, music, songs, dance and audience participation, Mark Wastell vividly brings to life his enchanting story of little Alice and how she learns to stand up to her Awful Aunt Gripe who detests Christmas.

Set in a young girl’s extraordinary dream world, this comic tale with its cast of famous characters from Alice in Wonderland – the White Rabbit, Blue Caterpillar, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat – will surprise and delight your children!

All the masks and puppets are handmade by the company and the songs, music and special effects are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique and every audience brings something new!

The Story

Alice is frightened of her strict old aunt. Aunt Augusta Gripe doesn’t like children and never celebrates Christmas. But luckily, Alice has a magic white rabbit.

One night, as Alice is falling asleep, the White Rabbit takes her away.

She goes on a magical dream journey down a rabbit hole to an astonishing topsy-turvy world where everyday objects come alive, animals turn into people and her own body grows and shrinks when least expected.

Can the creatures of Wonderland teach little Alice how to be brave?
Will she ever be able to defeat Aunt Gripe?
Can the White Rabbit help?
Find out when you join Mark for his wonderful Wonderland adventure!

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