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Our hard hearted old miser would make a lemon wince and send Victor Meldrew running home packing! Children love to see the mean old curmudgeon put to the test! With great songs, plenty of audience participation and the high quality acting you can expect from Flying Pizza, children simply love our show.

Why not join us for our humorous and delightfully haunting theatrical journey!

All our costumes and masks are handmade and the songs and music are specially written for this show. Every production and performance is unique.

 The Story

It is Christmas Eve and Scrooge, having sent the carol singers packing, sits over a miserly fire, squeezing the last ounce of work from his clerk.

Finally he goes home, cursing the festive season. But something strange is about to happen to him. His black door knocker starts to have a life of its own and just when he is comfy in bed a door bangs….

What could possibly change such a man?

Set by the family hearths, in the dark alleys and snow-lined streets of Victorian London this powerful and poignant story has a message for us today.

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